Photos from the Farm

Some photos showing the farm's activity.

  • SightseeingsThe farm is located in an awsome location.
  • Almonds FloweringIn late winter the almond trees are covered with flowers.
  • The Olive treesThe 1070 olive trees populate the landscape of the farm.
  • The Olive treesThe care and treatment to the entire crop is, and will always be, customized.
  • The OliveWith all the care, the olive develops obtaining high levels of quality.
  • The Olive HarvestBetween November and February, spreading nets for helping the harvest.
  • The Olive HarvestIn the winter, harvesting the olive is a hard task.
  • The Olive HarvestShake the Olive Trees branches to catch the olive with the nets.
  • The Olive HarvestWe also use traditional techniques to extract the olive.
  • The Olive HarvestAnd when hunger presses...
  • The Olive HarvestTo beat the cold and relax a little, a small and hot campfire!
  • The VineyardThe lands of the farm have a special place for vineyards.
  • The VineyardOur vineyard is planted with the same care and dedication that the olive.
  • The WineDespite being for personal consumption, our wine is well reviewed in the region.
  • Our CellarThis is where we keep and preserve our wine!
  • The Cork ExtractionWe also do cork extraction from the Olive trees
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