Quinta do Pinheiro respects individual privacy and values the confidence of its customers, partners and employees.

This Privacy Policy and Notice of Information Practices sets forth Quinta do Pinheiro regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information you may provide via this site. Please read this entire Privacy Policy before using or submitting information to Quinta do Pinheiro through it.

By accessing this site and where to send information through it to Quinta do Pinheiro, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy of Quinta do Pinheiro and Notice of Information Practices written below:

Received Data

Quinta do Pinheiro only collects personally identifiable data such as your name, address, telephone number or email address when you voluntarily submit to Quinta do Pinheiro through this site. This information may be used by Quinta do Pinheiro as a means of contact to obtain more information, to improve this site, or to provide you with information that was requested by yourself or any additional information that Quinta do Pinheiro believes to be of interest. Data will not be transferred to third parties without your prior consent, but can be used within the Quinta do Pinheiro or another firm acting as agent of Quinta do Pinheiro for processing or mail.

Quinta do Pinheiro maintains the data collected in an electronic database of personal information voluntarily submitted. Quinta do Pinheiro and its agents may exchange such information with each other or with you over the Internet, through intranet systems or through printed materials to carry out the services described above.

Although Quinta do Pinheiro make every effort possible to protect information collected through its websites, keep in mind, please, that there is always some risk involved when submitting data over the Internet. We can not guarantee that our website is 100% safe from illegal tampering or "hacking." Any data transmitted over the Internet may be at risk, however, once received at Quinta do Pinheiro and archived in its database, it has the same protection used by Pinheiro Quinta do to protect their own confidential information.

We track the total number of visitors to our website, the number of visitors to each page of the website, and domain names of Internet service providers of our users. No personally identifiable information is gathered in this process.

Updating Your Information

If at anytime you wish to stop receiving e-mails or other communications from us, or if you have submitted personally identifiable information through our website and would like that information deleted from our records, please notify us. You may also request access to personal data held by the Fifth and Pine can also request a correction or alteration of data. Remember that when exchanging emails, any message you send or receive on your system may be the property of their employers, who therefore have the ability to access your personal information sent via email.

Links to Third Party Sites

As a courtesy to our visitors, our sites contain links to some third party sites (owned by others than the Quinta do Pinheiro), which, in our view, may contain useful information. The privacy policy presented here does not apply to those sites. You should contact them directly for information on their privacy policies, confidentiality agreements and procedures for receipt / distribution of data.

Policy for children

Our website is not intended or designed to attract children under 13 years of age. We do not receive personal information from individuals we actually know is a child under 13 years of age.


Our website uses a technology called "non-persistent cookies", which is a small data file that a server sends to your browser when you access a website in order to let you access the pages you request and to track the pages visited . Using the technology of "non-persistent cookies" to count page visits helps us analyze the use of our site more precisely. Should not use the technology "non-persistent cookies" we will not collect personally identifiable information except with your explicit permission. The Web sites of Quinta do Pinheiro that require passwords, you grant us explicit permission to use a "persistent cookie," which is a small data file generated when you enter your user ID, password, and have access to the site. This file is stored on your computer and allows your browser to access each page in password protected area. Please note that some sites related to the Quinta do Pinheiro, but non-Genzyme may use cookies Quinta do Pinheiro can not control. We would also like to inform you that, when connecting through a Web site to another Quinta do Pinheiro, this site may be able to identify that your connection was made from a site of Quinta do Pinheiro. If you want other websites does not know you were in our own, we recommend not using the links provided on our site.

Privacy Policy Updates

Any changes to the privacy policy of Quinta do Pinheiro on the Internet will be broken down this page.

This privacy policy was last updated: 22/10/2010