The Douro Region

The geographic context of Quinta do Pinheiro

Vila Flor is a Portuguese village which belongs to the Alto Douro - district of Bragança. Has more than five hundred meters of altitude and, from the natural beauty of the parish, stands out the vineyards and olive groves.

The name of "Vila Flor" appears for the first time, referred to in the charter granted to May 24, 1286 by King Dinis. According to tradition, during his visit to this land during the meeting with D. Isabel., His fiancee, D. Denis was surprised by the beauty of the landscape and colorful for its diversity of wild flowers.

The county is included in the "Terra Quente Transmontana", a sub-region with its own characteristics and the level of climate, geology, natural vegetation and human cultivation.

Vila Flor is located in the Douro, a zone that is reserved for wines traditionally produced in the region demarcated Port wine. From superb Mediterranean climate, the Douro Valley is an enclave hot and dry, suitable for the cultivation of vines, olive, almond and fruit such as cherry, fig, peach, orange and apple.

In December 2001, UNESCO brought the Alto Douro Wine Heritage. A title, awarded by unanimous vote that awarded the Wine region of the world's oldest demarcated, decreed by the Marquês de Pombal in 1756. It is a unique region by bringing together the virtues of schist soil and its privileged sun exposure.

In Vila Flor we produce plenty of quality and genuine products that have great prestige in Portugal and also in Europe: The Olive oil and the Douro Wine.